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November 10, 2016
Thank you for helping me today regarding my sister who goes to the Lutheran church on the Island and is Pro-Choice. She needs to hear the Word, which they don't do much of other than from the bulletin on Sunday and she needs to know God's Word - and I see that you offer these to His people.

You were so gracious to me, so understanding about my dear sister's problem (which she really doesn't accept yet and she was told by a Deasoness in her present church on the Island) to stay away from Missouri Synod churches. That make me absolutely cringe with fear as I have a great deal of problem with this type of thinking and sharing untrue with others. God be with them, help them understand one another in Christ's name - at all time.

The Pastor, after keeping her waiting for three weeks for an appointment told her about that church being Pro-Choice - and I can't condone that. The Lord calls Abortion murder! I am trying so hard to get Carol to come to a Prop-life church as she is having trouble giving up her Lutheran background to come with me to worship. We are a strictly Bible believing church and she has enjoyed the Bible study with us, but she needs to come and talk to someone at your church. We will call for an appointment. I want to look forward to seeing her in Heaven with me, but at the rate she is going I have reservations that I will. God bless you with the work you are doing for our community and hopefully soon my sister. Thank you.
October 11, 2016
Mark McClain
I have many memories growing up in this congregation. I was confirmed by Pastor Meyer in 1968. After moving away from the area, I always looked forward to coming back to Lakeside and serving as guest organist. It's been nearly 14 years since I last visited and played for worship. I can see many exciting things are happening at Lakeside.
April 09, 2015
Love the new site. You've done a marvelous job! Smile A Kiss/Lips Are Sealed

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